ISHTEHA AFROOZ (Tempting Appetizers)







































Onion Bujia

Thinly sliced onions, lightly deep fried in chick peas batter.


Vegetable Pakoras

Mixed Vegetable fritters cooked in chick pea flour batter.


Chaat Papri

Homemade wheat chips, diced potatoes and chick peas smothered with whippedyogurt and tangy taramind sauce.


Alu – Bonda

Mashed potatoes, spice dipped in chick peas batter and fried.


Vegetable Samosa

Traditional patties stuffed with potatoes and peas. (2 to an order).


Assorted Appetizers

A combination platter with samosa and vegetable pakoras. Serves two.


Assorted Kabab Platter

Chicken tikka, tandoori shrimp and seekh kabab. Serves two.


Shrimp Pataka

Shrimp marinated in a sweet & spicy sauce with onions & green peppers.


Chicken Pakoras

Fried tender pieces of chicken marinated in herbs and spices.


Mirchwala Pakoras

Fried peppers with chickpea batter


Paneer Pakoras

Homemade cheese deep fried with ground flour


Shrimp Pakoras

Marinated shrimp deep fried with ground flour


Dahi Wada

Fried lentil donuts soaked in yogurt

MUQQAVI SHORBA (hearty soups) & SIDES

















Chicken Soup

Traditional spiced chicken soup.


Tomato Soup

Traditional Tomato Soup.



Sundried fried lentil crackers.



Yogurt with cucumbers and onions with cumin and coriander.


Empire Salad

Mixed salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and onions in a spiced Indian dressing.


Mango Chutney

Raw mango slices marinated in sugar, salt, vinegar, vinegar chili, garlic and spices.

KHASIAT E TANDOOR (Tandoori Specials)

Half: $12.95

Whole: $17.95




























Tandoori Chicken

Chicken on the bone, marinated overnight in yogurt and spices, then barbecued in the “Tandoor."


Chicken Tikka

Delicious boneless marinated chicken cooked in the “Tandoor.”


Seekh Kabab

Ground lamb blended with a special mix of spices and cooked on skewers in the “Tandoor.”


Lamb Chops

Tender lamb chops marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and herbs, then cooked in a charcoal clay oven. Served with rice and curry sauce.


Tandoori Prawns

Scrumptious jumbo prawns marinated in an exotic blend of Indian spices, then cooked on skewers in the “Tandoor.”


Fish Tikka

Marinated salmon cubes barbecued in the “Tandoor” and served with rice and curry sauce.


Malai Chicken

Strips of boneless chicken breast marinated in yogurt, herbs and spices, skewered with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.


Tandoori Mix Grill

A combination of Seekh kabab, Chicken Tikka & Jumbo shrimp barbecued in the “Tandoor.”




























Lamb Roganjosh

Tender morsels of lamb cooked with saffron, yogurt and spices.


Lamb Saag

Succulent cubes of delicious lamb in a spinach based curried sauce.


Lamb Vindaloo

Hot and spicy recipe with boneless lamb and potatoes cooked in a tangy sauce.


Lamb Korma

Tender cubes of lamb cooked in a creamy almond sauce, flavored with saffron.


Lamb Methi

Pieces of lamb cooked with fenugreek onions and spices.


Keema Matter

Ground lamb cooked with green peas, freshly ground herbs and spices, blended with onions, tomatoes, ginger and garlic.


Lamb Chops Masala

Tender pieces of lamb marinated in herbs and spices, barbecued in the “Tandoor” and then cooked with cream, almonds, onions and tomato sauce.


Kadai Lamb

Tender pieces of lamb, cooked with garam masala, green peppers and tomatoes in a wok.








































Chana Chicken

Traditional chicken curry cooked with chick peas, simmered in tomatoes, onions, and home made garam malsala.


Butter Chicken

Boneless chicken cubes barbecued first in the tandoor and then cooked in atomato based sauce with green peppers and garam masala.


Chicken Methi

Pieces of chicken cooked with fenugreek onions and spices.


Karai Chicken

boneless chicken cubes cooked with garam masala, green peppers and tomatoes in a wok.


Chicken Vindaloo

Extra hot and spicy chicken and potatoes in a tangy sharp sauce.


Saag Chicken

Pieces of chicken cooked in a spinach based curried sauce.


Chicken Korma

Very mildly spiced chicken flavored with coconut and simmered in yogurt and nuts.


Chicken DoPyaza

Pieces of chicken cooked with yogurt, plenty of onions and spices.


Chili Chicken

Chicken cooked in pepper sauce with a kick of sweet and spicy sauce.


Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken breast (white meat) barbeque in a moderately spiced tomato sauce and cream.


Chicken Curry

Chicken cubes sauteed with onions and tomatoes in a curry sauce.



























Karai Gosht

Boneless pieces of goat, cooked with garam masala, green peppers and tomatoes in a wok.


Tundle Gosht Palak

Pieces of goat meat cooked in a spinach based curried sauce.


Mirchwala Gosht

Tender pieces of goat meat cooked in a spicy sauce, garnished with red and green chilies.


Goat Korma

Goat cooked in cream with freshly ground spices, herbs and nuts.


Goat Roganjosh

Tender goat pieces cooked with saffron yogurt and spices.


Goat Vindaloo

Hot and Spicy recipe with goat and potatoes cooked in a tangy sauce.


Goat Methi

Pieces of tender goat cooked with fenugreek, onions and spices.


Goat Biryani

Long grain saffron flavored basmati rice with pieces of goat in an array of mild spices.

SAMUDRA KA KHAZANA (Seafood Specialties)




























Prawn Masala

Jumbo prawns cooked with onions, green peppers with cumin, black cardamom and cinnamon in well seasoned sauce.


Prawn Vindaloo

A hot and spicy recipe of prawns.


Fish Curry

Fish fillets cooked with lemon juice in a mildly spiced gravy.


Fish Masala

Fish fillet cooked with coconut, tomatoes and an array of masterfully blended spices.


Shrimp Khasa

Shrimp cooked in a delicately spiced, mild sauce.


Shrimp Vindaloo

Shrimp served in a highly spiced curry sauce.


Shrimp Saag

Shrimp and spinach cooked with ginger, garlic, fresh herbs and spices.


Kadai Shrimp

Shrimpcooked with garam masala, green peppers and tomatoes in a wok.

SABZI  KA RASOIGHAR (Vegetable Delights)

















































































Shahi Paneer

Homemade cheese cooked in masala sauce.


Saag Paneer

Fresh farmer’s cheese cooked in a flavorful spinach curry.


Malai Kofta

Vegetable and cottage cheese dumplings simmered in a sauce made of tomatoes, onions, garlic and fresh herbs and spices.


Vegetable Korma

Combination of mildly spiced mixed vegetables with nuts.


Chana Masala

Chick peas cooked with potatoes in a spiced sauce.


Aloo Mutter

Potatoes and green peas in a silky curry sauce.


Punjabi Kadi

Mild yogurt sauce with Indian pakoras.


Mutter Paneer

Paneer cooked in a special sauce with peas.


Kadai Paneer

Cubes of homemade cottage cheese cooked with garam masala, green peppers and tomatoes in a wok.


Chili Paneer

Homemade cottage cheese marinated in ginger and spices, the batter fried and sauteed with onions and bell peppers in the chef's special hot sauce.


Saag Aaloo

Potatoes and spinach cooked with ginger, garlic, fresh herbs and spices.


Aaloo Mutter

Small round potatoes and green peas in a silky curry.


Corn Saag

Spinach and corn sauteed with onions, tomatoes, garlic and ginger, simmered witha touch of spices.


Gobi Mushrooms

Cauliflower and fresh mushrooms cooked with onions and spices.


Saag Mushrooms

Spinach and fresh mushrooms cooked in onion, tomatoes and spices.


Aloo Beans

Potatoes and green beans cooked with ginger, garlic and spices.


Saag Chana

Chickpeas cooked with fresh spinach and mild spices.


Zeera Aaloo

Steamed potatoes toasted with cumin seeds.


Yellow Dal Tadka

yellow and red lentils simmered with tomatoes, onions freshly ground spices finished with a touch of ginger.


Eggplant Bharta

“Tandoor” roasted eggplant sautéed with onions and cooked with a special blend of Indian spices.


Dal Makhni

Lentils cooked with mild spices.


Veggie Vindaloo

Mixed vegetables cooked in a highly spiced curry with a touch of lemon.


Alu Gobi

Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with onions and spices.


Alu Methi

Potatoes cooked with fenugreek and freshly ground spices.


Bhindi Masala

Okra cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices.

BASMATI  KA KHAZANA (Rice Specialties)



















Shrimp Biryani

Jumbo prawns marinated in yogurt, tomatoes, herbs and spices and cooked with Basmati Indian rice.


Lamb Biryani

Succulent lamb cubes cooked with nuts, eggs and exotic spices with Basmati Indian rice.


Goat Biryani

Goat meat cooked with Indian rice, herbs and spices.


Chicken Biryani

Basmati Indian rice flavored with saffron, cooked with mildly spiced chicken in an aromatic combination of spices.


Vegetable Biryani

Basmati Indian rice flavored with saffron, cooked with carrots, peas, cauliflower and tomatoes.

ROTI (Indian Breads)






































Tandoor Roti

Leavened whole wheat bread baked in the “Tandoor.”


Tandoor Naan

Leavened fine flour bread baked in the “Tandoor.”


Laccha Paratha

Multi-layered whole wheat bread.


Alu Paratha

Leavened whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes.


Paneer Kulcha

Nan stuffed with homemade cheese.


Garlic Kulcha

Leavened fine flour bread stuffed with fresh garlic and herbs.


Onion Kulcha

Nan stuffed with Onions.


Kashmiri Nan

Nan Stuffed with dry fruits.


Keema Nan

Nan stuffed with ground lamb.



Unleavened whole wheat, deep fried, puffed bread.


Chili Naan

White bread filled with chopped hot peppers with herbs and spices.


Chicken Naan

Naan stuffed with chopped chicken, herbs and spices.











































Mango Delight

Homemade mango custard with tropical fruits.


Gulab Jamun

Homemade deep fried cottage cheese balls dipped in a honey and rose water syrup and tipped with almonds.



Patties made with fresh homemade cottage cheese served cold in a sweetened milk sauce with pistachios.



A special house dessert made with Basmati Indian rice and served with raisins and pistachios.



Homemade Indian style ice cream flavored with mango and pistachios.


Gajar Ka Halwa

Grated carrots cooked with milk, sugar and dry fruits.



Thinned yogurt drink sweetly flavored with rose water salted with cumin, mango or strawberry.


Masala Tea

Aromatic and spicy Indian tea.



Regular of Decaffeinated


Ice Tea

Aromatic and unsweetened



Orange, pineapple, mango, grapefruit, tomato or cranberry.


Soft Drinks

Pepsi, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Diet Pepsi, Lemonade

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